ElAndroideLibre + Uptodown

I confess that this is one of those things I’ve been dying to announce for ages. So … here’s the dish: from now on we’re going to be working together with the largest community in Spain and Latin America dedicated exclusively to Android — El Androide Libre. You can read some of the details on our new partnership here: http://blog.en.uptodown.com/uptodown-elandroidelibre/

This may seem like a small step today, but I daresay it could well become the most important maneuver in the LATAM smartphone market since the birth of Android. Uptodown — which draws more than 70 million monthly users, which has been installed as a native app on more than 7.5 million devices, and which this year will be the source of more than a billion downloads (Uptodown is currently among the top 200 most visited webpages in the world) — has hitched its wagon to the most active Android community with the best editorial content in all of LATAM and Spain: El Androide Libre. We’re going to work to consolidate its leadership in the sector.

Its articles don’t just complement our catalogue. Uptodown will also serve, alongside Google Play, as official repository on El Androide Libre to offer downloads of APKs, as well as apps that are unavailable on Google, prior versions of apps, app security reports, etc. That’s more than two million files in the service of both communities.

This lets us dedicate more time to what we really know how to do and become the most comprehensive smartphone app catalog in the world. I can’t be more direct: we’re not interested in generating editorial content, we want to work with the best of the best in the field of media.

About how we came to this agreement: we’ve spent months looking for the perfect companion for LATAM, and we wanted an exclusive arrangement so we could get the very best. We’ve talked with all the blog networks and independent sites and I have to say I’ve been disappointed in how most of them have no interest in either the nitty-gritty of what they do or in contributing something real to the community. I’m talking about enormous sites dedicated to producing content like in a factory, about any old topic, with no attention to quality; sites to whom you’re proposing something huge and they send you to their Internet marketing guy to try to sell you ads; sites that could literally be selling furniture with the same level of interest.

Luckily there are some people out there who share our passion, among them big media with strong communities such as El Androide Libre. It’s been incredibly easy to lay the groundwork to start working together, to cross-post our content, to enrich our sites, and to offer our grain of sand to the Android community.

As our friend @ElRosso notes: “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

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