Uptodown launches new publishing platform for Android developers

As an independent Android app store, Uptodown generates more than 4 million downloads every day. 100% of our traffic is organic and after 10+ years in the industry, we are all about helping other developers hack their growth. Today, we are announcing our new platform — the Uptodown Developer Console — to help developers easily publish and manage apps in the Uptodown catalogue.

The new Developer Console becomes the hub to manage your app in Uptodown

We make it really easy for developers to upload APKs, add descriptions and screenshots

Track and measure install growth

Report issues and connect directly with the Uptodown team for editorial reviews

Promote your app from the same platform and increase your exposure in the Uptodown network

Promoting a B2C Android app can be a very challenging process as you struggle to reach a critical mass of users (we’ve been there). How do you gain enough visibility in Google Play to grow as fast you would like to?

In a nutshell, Uptodown’s new platform will help developers:

  • Easily publish new apps and updates directly in Uptodown
  • Connect directly with the Uptodown team to generate editorial reviews translated in 15 languages
  • Promote your app in the Uptodown ad network which provides global coverage in 15 languages and advanced targeting options
  • Measure installs, growth and other metrics to help you identify your audience

According to Alexa, Uptodown is the Internet’s 130th most visited website…and the best part, we spend $0 in ads 🚀

Back in July, 2016 we announced that Uptodown had surpassed 100 million monthly users for the first time. 5 months later, growth continues and we are now averaging 4 million daily visits, or 120+ million visits per month.

Source: Google Analytics. December 12th, 2016

Uptodown currently has a catalogue of 4+ million apps, and we are continuously improving our app acquisition technology to find the most interesting apps globally. As you can imagine, a large part of our catalogue is a result of automated data mining and web crawling, but with our new platform we hope to build more direct relationships with developers.

On the user side, the fact that our traffic is organic validates that users are looking for alternative app stores (many reasons can explain this, like Android device fragmentation, geopolitical issues, etc.). In our view, all Android developers, big and small, should explore independent app stores like Uptodown to reach niche markets.

How does Uptodown grow? This would deserve another blog post, but content is very important to us. Uptodown has traditionally made a major investment in original content generation and now provides 150,000+ editorial reviews localized in 15 languages. It seems to be working for us, and Google Trends pays forward when comparing Uptodown against some legacy competitors (big respect to Cnet and Softonic):

Source: Google Trends. December 12th, 2016

Building an Android advertising platform with global reach

Today, Uptodown generates more than 200,000 clicks to advertisers every day. We believe Uptodown can become a superior advertising platform because our users are typically in “app discovery mode”. For this reason, we are seeing competitive conversion rates, particularly for B2C products like messaging applications, productivity tools and games, among others. Obviously, we are interested in emerging B2C verticals like augmented reality applications.

Since 2002, The Uptodown team has remained focused on the app seeker: how to deliver the most effective download experience? How to provide un-biased editorial reviews? How to organize apps and feature the most relevant ones for your taste?

While Uptodown will remain user-centric at heart, we are also excited to dive deeper into the advertising world and play a more active role in helping developers reach an audience. 2017 will be a huge year for us as we continue to develop our own advertising platform, and we hope you will be part of it!

Android developer, startup or large company with global aspirations? Join Uptodown’s beta as an early-bird and access exclusive perks.

If you feel like having a chat, you can also also send me an email at tommy@uptodown.com

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