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The Crypto Information Industry is Ripe for Disruption, Can get it done?

The internet is littered with news about bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, but is it enough?

Information and news about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are really out there, I mean the internet is littered with it that at times it has become a permanent online feature!

But is it easy to understand? Not so much, there is a lot of tech jargon about blockchain, decentralization, candlesticks and statistics etc that is being thrown around us which is more likely to scare a newbie rather than educate.

Further questions can also be used to interrogate this readily available information; whether it is current? Unbiased? And well curated? These questions are likely to lead to doubt whether the news we get every day about crypto can be relied upon in making informed decisions. is seeking to address the dissemination and osmosis of information and news within the blockchain setup, in fact, the startup is striving to be the nerve centre of all things blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

This project which is already running, powered by funds pre-injected by the founders and early investors, aims to be the number one informational platform available for all types of crypto traders. To achieve this, the team has designed a platform that can deliver all the needed information, unique tools, detailed analysis, and a bespoke school program all in one place. is marrying information and tools

Information and tools

By marrying information and tools together NewsCrypto seeks to achieve the following:

  1. Bring well-curated information to those clients who wish to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is done through an informational platform that is user-friendly and professionally designed for both newbies and seasoned investors & traders. NewsCrypto has come up with a 3-Tier User System that is designed to caters for a specific user type.
The 3-Tier User System caters for all those interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

a) The Beginner Tier is for people with no or little knowledge about crypto trading.

b) The Intermediate Tier targets junior traders trying to take a step further and lastly

c) The Advanced Tier which is most suited for professional traders.

2. NewsCrypto is seeking to empower clients with the best fundamental and technical expert market analysis. To achieve this NewsCrypto is offering its members an edge of others by providing expert market insights, time-saving possibilities, data access and trading options. This is accompanied by options for bespoke messenger notifications for users to get instant news alerts about desired or unexpected changes to the market.

How to access the Informational Platform

Currently, is running a beta version of their flagship platform and access is easily granted by utilising ones’ email address or using your google account to register and login into the Beginner Tier.

Login dashboard to the platform

The news tab on the portal displays the latest crypto-related news and it is delivered by the minute.

News is delivered by the minute

Also available under the Beginner Tier are options giving access to various graphs, a coin calendar, an altcoin police tab for policing thriving and dead alts as well as a coin tracker.

It is important to note that options to trade, arbitrage, whale alert as well as mining are available under Intermediate and Advanced Tiers which will be paid options using the NWC token.

The NewsCrypto Token (NWC)

At the heart of the NewsCrypto platform is the NWC token which is a Stellar blockchain-based token that will be used by users to unlock access to information provided by NewsCrypto both on the platform and its mobile App.

A total of 280 million NWC tokens will be minted

The Stellar blockchain is an excellent avenue to mint crypto tokens on as it boasts of stability, faster speeds and low transaction costs over other blockchains and this will give the NWC superiority in the market.

A total of 280 million NWC tokens will be minted and NewsCrypto has announced through their whitepaper that they will burn 20% of all tokens collected as membership fees and this will allow the project to gain organic growth, naturally enforcing deflation as well as growth in token value.

How to get the NWC Wallet

The NWC token wallet can be acquired by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Download your wallet from
  2. Generate your wallet and log in
  3. Open the tab “trust”
  4. Add trust for NWC (manual trust at the bottom)
  5. Asset CODE: NWC
  7. After adding manual trust your account can receive NWC

Exchange listing and Bounty Campaign

The project was recently announced on bitcointalk and it has been getting good feedback from early birds who have been able to get an opportunity to test the beta platform as well as crypto enthusiasts who have been combing through the project’s whitepaper and related information.

NWC token will be listed directly on various exchanges in the near future as the team is currently involved in discussion with the exchanges for a direct listing. The team is also going to announce a hefty bounty programme via bitcointalk and other media platforms to further promote the project as they work on exchange listing modalities.

Be on the lookout for this token exchange listing and bounty programme to benefit.

Other Important links about NewsCrypto: || WEBSITE || TWITTER|| FACEBOOK || TELEGRAM || DISCORD|| BITCOINTALK ||

The article above is written from an independent perspective. The above does not constitute financial advice and independent financial advice should be sought before deciding whether to invest in any financial product.

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