The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USHCCF) in collaboration with BP America is honored to have presented another installment of the USHCC Foundation’s At the Table speaker series initiative titled Latinas Will Run.

The At the Table: Women in Business and Leadership speaker series is an initiative led by the USHCC Foundation. Its purpose is to ensure that women entrepreneurs, business professionals, and aspiring officeholders receive the much needed resources and influence to propel them to higher levels of success in their careers.

In its latest session titled Latinas Will Run, the panel spoke about the barriers that women, and specifically Latinas, face when running for office. Topics discussed included how to overcome these barriers and the steps both women and men can take to help make sure Latinas are acknowledged as stakeholders in critical decision-making processes. This is especially significant considering that according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 7% of the US population is Latina; however, only 1.2% of elected officials in the United States are Hispanic or Latina women.

Panelists included leaders from organizations such as She Should Run which aims to “provide the spark” for women in politics, the Republican State Leadership Committee’s Future Majority Project which recruits candidates in specific demographics in order to have a candidate pool that is more reflective of our diversity in the United States, and the Girl Scouts of the USA which is a ubiquitous organization that directly helps developing leadership skills in young girls for them to become future leaders, among other organizations.

Audience attendees included leaders of Hispanic chambers of commerce from across the country, students from local schools and universities, as well as local organizations that share the same cause.

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation would like to thank our:

Guest speakers:

Ray Dempsey, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at BP America

The Honorable Nanette Barragán, Congresswoman at the US House of Representatives


Ana Maria Chávez, Former President & CEO at Girl Scouts of the USA


Clare Bresnahan, Executive Director at She Should Run

Angela Maria Kelley, Senior Strategic Advisor for Immigration at Open Society Foundations

Mónica G. Pérez, Principal of Public and Political Leadership at Wellstone Action

Neri Martinez, Executive Director at the Republican State Leadership Committee’s Future Majority Project

The USHCC Foundation is thankful and proud of the participation of these organizations and powerful Latina leaders, and remains committed to helping the Hispanic community make sure that Latina women take their place At the Table.

If you are an individual or organization that is interested in future collaboration with the USHCC Foundation, please contact Isaac Reynoso below.

For more information, please contact:

Isaac Reynoso

Communications Manager

USHCC Foundation

202.715.0485 ext. 477|

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The USHCC Foundation is dedicated to empowering business leaders through life-long education and support. Our initiatives encourage entrepreneurial ideals, cultivate business growth, strengthen local chambers, and foster leadership values.

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