Photo of 2017 Local Chamber Grant Winners

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Foundation in collaboration with Wells Fargo is excited to announce the Local Chamber Grant recipients for the year 2017!

The USHCC Foundation and Wells Fargo have worked together to provide 11 grants to local chamber members of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to strengthen their existing programs that seek to foster and expand Hispanic small businesses in their communities.

Multiple grants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 are awarded to our chamber members who have demonstrated an enduring resolve to support local Hispanic business in their development and success in innovative ways. This results in the empowerment of members in our community, and translates into an even more substantive role in the American economy.

This grant represents the USHCC Foundation’s unwavering commitment to work alongside local chambers members in order to strategically provide the resources necessary to create a lasting impact among Hispanic communities across the country.

Congratulations to the:

Greater Fort Wayne Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: Cuarto Jueves Programming

This chamber is receiving a $5,000 grant to fund Cuatro Jueves, a quarterly meeting that provides entrepreneurial education, testimonials, networking opportunities, and business exposure and promotion. Past keynote speakers have included corporate CEO’s, local successful entrepreneurs, and the Mayor of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: Empowering Latina Leadership Alliance (ELLA)

This chamber is receiving a $5,000 grant to fund ELLA, an initiative that seeks to help motivate and inspire Latinas to reach their full potential as Hispanic entrepreneurs and facilitate benefits for Latinas who are seeking business and networking opportunities.

Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: BAM — Business Advocacy & Mentoring

This chamber is receiving a $5,000 grant to add a mentorship component to their Business Advocacy & Mentoring program. Going forward, the goal is to have mentees become mentors to create subsequent generations of successful Hispanic business owners.

Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: Hispanic Business Excellence (HBeX)

This chamber is receiving a $5,000 grant to strengthen their HBeX program by aligning HBE capacity with market demand. The program contains 6 components: assessment, enhancement, growth, support, reciprocity, and sustainability.

Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: Aprender Es Poder: Seminarios de Negocios

This chamber is receiving a $5,000 grant to add their Aprender Es Poder seminars, a Spanish language enhancement of their existing Power Hour seminars. Designed for people who speak English as a second language, these seminars seek to provide orientation to small business owners and those entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business. One-on-one coaching will also be available for those in need.

Little Village Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: Juntos Emprendemos

This chamber is receiving a $10,000 grant to expand their program that teaches entrepreneurs the fundamental knowledge necessary to run and sustain a small business. Additionally, it will ensure that participants conclude the program having acquiring knowledge in leadership, human resources, administration, customer service, and marketing.

Oregon Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber

Program Name: Latino Small Business Development Program

This chamber is receiving a $10,000 grant to further develop their Small Business Technical Assistance program, helping Latinos create, promote, and advance microbusinesses in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

South Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: Entrepreneur Empowerment Series

This chamber is receiving a $10,000 grant to expand their Entrepreneur Empowerment Series to provide entry-level and intermediate comprehensive business training to Hispanic entrepreneurs in South Carolina. The SCHCC stands to provide training to an additional 70 business owners. At an average of $40,000 in sales per business owner in their first year, this translates to an increase of roughly $2,800,000 in revenue into the American economy.

Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee

Program Name: Hispanic Leadership/Business/Entrepreneurship Training

This chamber is receiving a $10,000 grant to expand their mid-level career professional and entrepreneurship membership offerings to include trainings, workshops, and a speaker series focused on building a business acumen and entrepreneurship in their local Hispanic community.

Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: Emprendedores

This chamber is receiving a $20,000 grant to expand their nationally-recognized entrepreneurial training course that provides future Hispanic business leaders in New México with the only training of its kind in the state, focusing on the integration into the entrepreneurial ecosystem by breaking down financial and literacy barriers for first-generation immigrants.

Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Program Name: Beyond Startup: Elevate Your Business Program

This chamber is receiving a $20,000 grant to add three components to their Elevate Your Business Program: “News You Can Use” Online Broadcasts, Technical Assistance Trade Workshops, and Trade Leads & Referrals. Their program holds a strong emphasis on harnessing the power on cross-border trade initiatives with México.

The USHCC Foundation is proud of the work our chamber members have accomplished, and we are excited to see the impact these programs and initiatives will achieve going forward.

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