The UX Life Chose Me Newsletter #16

February 2022


Finally into February! I hope January didn’t seem too long for you.

There are always too many interesting things to share in the newsletter, or events I only find after I’ve published it, so I’ve now created a twitter account so I can share ALL the things ‘UX research’ that I find interesting. But don’t worry, I will be saving the best for the newsletter!

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I hope you enjoy this issue.


From the Editors Keyboard

This month I’ve been coaching a colleague to do research interviews so he could join me doing research on a project. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my knowledge and seeing him improve as we practiced and talked about why we ask questions in particular ways.

On the day he was confident enough to go off the discussion guide to follow up a subject with a participant. Success.

The other thing I’ve enjoyed is having a fellow ‘researcher’ to work with. I’ve had someone to discuss the discussion guide with before the research and someone to go through the results with after.

While I do engage with stakeholders throughout research projects normally, I’m seen as the expert and so don’t normally get to have the in-depth conversations we’ve had on this project.

It also didn’t do my confidence any harm to be told ‘it’s harder than you make it look’.

I’m looking forward to working together again.

You can read the interviewing principles I wrote for my team on my blog.

Interesting Stuff

Navigating Uncharted Waters: Researching Products That Don’t Exist Yet
Nikki Anderson, January 2022, 6 min read

We all know asking a participant if they would use something in the future won’t get us a useful result, so how do we test a brand new product that isn’t out there yet? Nikki has some great ideas to get you started.

Ethical Considerations In Research
Pritha Bhandari, October 2021, 8 min read

While this is aimed more at academic research, it covers so many things we should be aware of and doing as UX Researchers. Everyone should read this.

UX Research Resources, Crowdsourced By The Learners Community
Learner Community, Jan 2022

This is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about UX Research; full of books, videos, websites, blogs and people to follow. And it’s only going to grow as people submit more resources.

Building A Framework For Prioritizing User Research
Jeanette Fuccella, November 2021, 6 min read

I love that this isn’t just Jeanette’s attempt at a framework, but also includes feedback from other researchers and several other frameworks which try to do a similar thing, meaning you could either try one of them, or have enough information to create your own.

Moderating Usability Testing With People With Disabilities
Ela Gorla, Jan 2022, 10 min read

As with any usability test a bit of planning goes a long way. This guide will give you everything you need to know to make testing with people with disabilities a great experience for both of you.

Ethics & Power: Understanding The Role Of Shame In UX Research
Vivianne Castillo, May 2018, 6 min read

Do you understand the difference between pity and empathy? What stops us from experiencing true empathy? Vivianne answers both these questions here.

The Real Point Of Research: A Chat With Erika Hall, Author Of Just Enough Research
Rosenfeld Media, 2018, 22 mins listen

Erika makes so many good points in this short podcast. I particularly liked the point that research is no use if its shut away from the decision makers and designers who need to use it.

Photo of the book Moderating Usability Tests, Principles and Practices for Interacting

Even UX Researchers who have been moderating tests for a while will find something useful in this months book, Moderating Usability Testsby Joe Dumas and Beth Loring.
Filled with details of all aspects of moderating a test, this is a great starting place if you are setting up your first tests.


First Year Reflections of UX Researchers
UX Research and Strategy, 16 Feb 2022

This event includes a panel of Researchers who have just started out in UX Research reflecting on their first year. American event so might be a bit late for UK attendees.

Design Research 22
UX Australia, 16–18 March 2022

An online conference dedicated to design research and researchers. List of speakers and talks looks really interesting.

And Finally

A reminder to us all, but especially the teams of one, that you can’t do ALL the research!

A flow diagram which asks the question Do you have enough time to take on a new project? No — Don’t do it. Yes — No you don’t

Seen something out in the wild you think other UX Researchers would be interested in or a new research related book perhaps? Send me the link and maybe I’ll include it in my next newsletter.




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