Cost me $7 to make a $100 investment…in 2017!? How I Know Cryptocurrency is the Future of Democratized Access to Capital for All.

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Alright, so I just got to Steemit not too long ago after the last 3 years of researching and working in the US reward and equity crowdfunding markets — what I thought to be the most innovative, risky, and exciting area of democratized finance…boy was I terribly wrong.

Cryptocurrency looks to be the ultimate, grown, and grotesquely risky version of the recent United States equity crowdfunding regulatory change enrolling 240+ million Americans as non-accredited investors, gaining access to investing in the 29.6+ million high-risk, potentially high rewarding startups for the first time ever.

Did you know $1,000 invested in Amazon 20-years ago at their Initial Public Offering (IPO) is now worth upwards of $64,000?!

Non-accredited investors, or those who did not make $200k/year or are not worth $1 million subtracting the primary residence, did not have the right to access a $1,000 investment in Amazon in 1997…Today, the story is different — the 99% have gained access to investing in private startups and small businesses. At the same time, businesses gained the ability to solicit their investments — we all know how advertising is…skewed to benefit the business, usually not telling the consumer the entire story.

The Securities and Exchange Commission does not have the wherewithal to regulate general solicitation via various forms of social media. They don’t have AI bots that can scan an entire Twitter account’s Tweets to determine if that company is staying within the regulations — the main reason the SEC isn’t cracking down on cryptocurrency, that and the fact that cryptocurrency is something they’re unsure how to categorize. Something that has value AND utility…not sure we’ve had something of the sort — it’s almost like we’re going back to the days of bartering and trade. How does a government agency regulate something it doesn’t understand?

Alright, alright. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on them. But how can we expect the government to accurately regulate an industry made for growth when they put a glass ceiling over our heads? $7 for a $100 investment? Really? My fellow finance people, 7% of my investment…I’m a non-accredited investor and there’s a reason I invested the minimum of $100thoughts?

I’ll be posting another about WeFunder being the industry leader by a long shot in equity crowdfunding. They accept Bitcoin investments, but have not hopped on or are looking into other cryptos.

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