Weekly Vegan Digest! #1

Vegans of the week.

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Coming together to stand up for our Planet… For clean air, water, and protected lands. For climate justice for all. For the poor and underrepresented communities that climate change hits first. We all want to move to renewable energy, for Mother Nature and for job creation and prosperity for all. I want to “Make America Green Again”

My philosophy is simple: Eat more plants, eat locally when you can, and focus on fresh & seasonal ingredients. By following these guidelines you’ll easily nourish your body with what you need to feel at your best. Be inspired by what is around you, take trips to your local farmers market, and buy different coloured foods. (not only are they pretty, but every colour is filled with different vitamins and nutrients!

My name is Olia, and I’m a lifestyle and vegan food photographer/stylist based in New York City.
I’m originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Before moving to New York City in 2009, I lived in Germany and Italy for over fourteen years. My experiences as a student abroad led me to adopt a plant-based diet, which began in earnest quite a few years ago.