3 Vegan Youtubers To Subscribe To Instantly

Youtube is full of vegan vloggers, but they’re not all eating 50 bananas a day. Here’s 3 I think are really worth subscribing to!

Indian Vegan Recipes

So many vegan food cookbooks, bloggers and vloggers focus on very Western-type dishes. So finding Indian Vegan Recipes was exciting! Part vlogs, part recipes, this channel will get you cooking impressive Indian dishes in no time!

Hot For Food

Lauren and John Diemer create some of the most mouthwatering vegan food available to stare at on Youtube! From their Toronto kitchen they get very creative with their recipes and are a must-watch if you’re in to your comfort food…

Nutrition Facts

Dr Greger is a personal hero of mine! With his incredible website NutritionFacts.org, along with his Youtube channel and numerous books, he is the go-to guy for evidence-based nutrition. And, unsurprisingy, he recommends a vegan diet as a massive step towards healthier eating…