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#3 Newsletter for The Venting Machine

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The Venting Machine has reached 42 followers — a 68% increase! That’s very promising for the first two weeks of 2021. Thank you for your vote of trust.

Our small yet powerful publications received 6 submissions this month and 3 of them have been automatically curated — that’s a 50% curation rate! Not bad at all!

Congrats Susan Poole for ‘Why I’m Ready for My Son to Return to College’, to Stephanie Gruner Buckley for ‘Yak’s Milk or Olive Wood? Another Lockdown Dilemma’ and Christina for ‘Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing. Testing?’. Wonderful job, ladies — curation is automated for The Venting Machine, which means that your writing style, as well as the topics covered, are very compelling!

Also, many thanks to Pooled Emotions, Jennifer MacDonald, Ziva Lane, and Indubala Kachhawa for their powerful messages in The Venting Machine.

I would be very happy if you could support all of them and comment on their stories.

You can still find us on Facebook and Twitter. The Venting Machine is ours. I’m just your humble servant to facilitate your expression. So let’s keep close to each other.





We all need and deserve a safe place to vent our daily frustrations to get it out of the system. The Venting Machine is the place to do it.

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Eva Grape

Chief Mom Officer (CMO) writes about parenting, relationships, sex, and sometimes about business and money; loves to challenge males to better themselves.

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