Martha Wright, Two-Hundred-Year-Old Feminist Abolitionist, Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Don’t let that prim cap and long list of serious accomplishments fool you.

Image courtesy of Dickinson College, Fair Use. “Martha Coffin Pelham Wright, engraving,” House Divided: The Civil War Research Engine at Dickinson College,

If it hadn’t been for the Women’s Rights National Historic Park, I might never have heard of Martha C. Wright. No, not the cornbread lady. Martha Wright. Sister to Lucretia Mott. Women’s rights activist…




Exploring all things related to women’s lives in the 19th century, through literature, history, and educational fun.

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Amy Colleen

Amy Colleen

I read a lot of books and sometimes I’m funny. Aspiring novelist, practicing writer, and Oxford comma fan (though obviously lenient on sentence fragments).

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