Photography is just a video artifact

A still picture is muted video with an awfully slow fps

The first technology to capture the world as we see it was hopelessly slow to render movements. No artist can draw pictures at 12 frames per second to imitate the time dimension. One is left with a freeze-frame, or in other words, a picture. Photography is just a better technical solution to painting a scene. Now that we have video available, with HD resolution and stereo sound, the still picture is anachronistic. Of course, it has its place in the representation of the world, especially in printed media and frames on the wall, but they really need to be just that. An artistic choice of reducing the experience. The minimally meaningful 2D. A tool that must be used sparingly. A fall-back option when video is unavailable. A rarity cherished for its meaningful limits. But honestly, video should be the default.

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