America Works — Trump delivers more jobs

Donald Trump in a rally: speaking on the issue of jobs

After a controversial first month in the oval office, finally some good news for President Trump and the American workers. The report filed a few days ago, illustrated that a total of 235,000- 238,000 jobs were created in one month.

The unemployment rate came down, just slightly, from 4.8 percent to 4.7 percent. However, though the change might only be of 0.1 percent. The 235,000 figure has certainly given Trump critics a strong reply.

Donald Trump re-tweeted a tweet from Drudge Report that said “GREAT AGAIN: +235,000,” with a link to a Bloomberg story.

Other Republican Party members also jumped to the support and praise of President Trump. With a target of creating 25 million jobs in the next decade. The figures achieved in a month suggest that President Trump is on the right track.

Source- Politico

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