Lost Dream — Blow to AAP’s National Agenda

Even after running an enthusiastic campaign in Punjab and Goa, the Aam Adami Party (AAP) has failed to solidify itself in the hearts of the voters. Especially in Goa, where the AAP failed to win a single seat. AAP which had high hopes of winning the elections in Punjab, now finds itself facing a new challenge in the Municipal elections in Delhi.

AAP had registered candidates with the hope that a significant win in either or both the states will help the party to launch the image of its’ national agenda. However, this dream as of now is a lost cause.

Last month in a press conference Chief Minister Kejriwal voiced the party’s ambition and plan of fighting election is Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, where the polls are due to be held later this year. Now this too can be believed to be a difficult battle for the party.

Sliver lining for the AAP comes from the Punjab election with the party being able to win a sizable amount of seats and vote share in the state of Punjab. The Kejriwal brigade was able to taste a little success when it acquired the rank of being the second largest party in the Punjab election, yesterday.

The Congress cheif ministerial candidate, Captian Amarinder Singh, dismissed AAP as a “ fairweather storm, which is now over”

Even after, AAP being able to maintain the vote share that it received in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, 24%. It should have been able to win at least 33 seats in the state election with the 24% vote share. The fact that it wasn’t able to secure the desired number this must prove that their strategy has gone wrong and the popularity depleted.

Lack of alternative leaders has been the most troubling factor for the Kejriwal and other party members. With an unclear chief ministerial candidate, and the complete reliability on Kejriwal as the face of the party, AAP has failed to promote any other prominent leader for the election.

Kejriwal’s aspiration to promote the party as an alternative to the Congress party at the national level has failed. With both the BJP and the Congress still sweeping most of the polls. It is time for the AAP to introspect or they will perish like many have before them.

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