“Just Like Russia”

The 45th President of the United States of America tweeted this morning:

“Just like Russia.”

Wait a second.

Is this an admission from the President that Russia provided the information to Wikileaks?

Is this an admission that the President is aware of subversive activity from the Russian government?

Is this an admission that President is annoyed about Russia in the same manner he is annoyed about the leaks that are forcing his hand?

In other words, is there an equivalence between the workings of the American government forcing his hand to the Russian government forcing his hand?

Is this an admission that the President is being manipulated by “illegal information” in Russian possession?

Is this an admission of guilt in the collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the elections?

Oh, the questions that one tweet can unleash. Answers?

Marco Rubio

John McCain

Senator Harry Reid

Senator Rand Paul

Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders

Washington Post

Paul Ryan

Nancy Pelosi


The White House

The Huffington Post

Congressmember Karen Bass

Thank you,

Concerned citizen.