Trump, “Tapes,” and… Blackmail?

Did the President of the United States of America just threaten to blackmail James Comey?

There’s this:

And, then, there is this (I’m going with Mirriam-Websters definition on purpose here):

extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution.

One has to wonder, is the President actively seeking impeachment?

After days of Republican scoffs everytime anyone has compared Trump's behavior as Nixonian, is Trump actively trolling Republicans?

There is an argument to be made about Trump’s stratergy. But there is no stratergy. so there is no argument. The administration puts out statements which are quickly undercut or contradicted by the President himself.

The President is scating on thin legal ice. However, he has not realized that the President of the United States of America is not above the law. Administrations that have been mired in scandals have historically ended up in front of hearings. Nixon ended up resigning and Clinton faced an impeachment trial. The difference is that even Nixon had better poll ratings than Trump at one point. It seems Trump cannot step out of his own way to allow those ratings to improve.

If firing James Comey was a legal gray area, after all there could be arguments made about obstruction of justice, then blackmailing him on twitter is definitely against the law.

Donald Trump, do yourself a favor, get off of twitter.