8 things that we need to change in 2018

With the new year finally here, most of you would either be charged up for 2018. You must all have big plans for the year ahead, from taking charge, to changing habits and re-imagining the way you live. There are a lot of changes I also wish to see, not just in me but in the society as a whole. Here’s my list, in no particular order, of 8 things that seriously need to change for the year ahead.

1) Stop making stupid people famous.

This has to be the most obvious one. 2017 was a pretty good year for people with no talent getting famous, which is testament to the fact that we have too much free time on our hand. The likes of Dhinchak Pooja and Om Prakash? Seriously?Its not just an Indian phenomenon, after all we aped the west in this one, Kardashians are the hallmark of how far you can go even without talent. If you choose to like those fools and then you go on to complain that quality talent does not exist, I feel sorry for you.


There is a fine line between feminism and femi-nazism, while the former strives to work to bring equal rights and social justice to all women, the latter shames anything and everything feminazis think is a symbol of patriarchy. In 2017, hijab was looked upon as a sign of women empowerment but Karva chauth, sindoor and mangalsutra were looked upon as regressive. Seriously WTF? To top it if off, there’s this shit. Can we finally see a year, where feminazis are taken to task so real women rights can be dealt with?

3) Saas bahu soaps

Can 2018 be the year we finally do away with the endless drama and the 50 year storylines where people die only to be resurrected. Moreover, what’s up with everyone with tons of makeup and jewellery.

It’s high time we boycott this crap all together, otherwise we’ll never get quality shows in India.

4) Salman khan movies

His movies are crap, period. You got an ageing person with actress half his age and stories that make no sense. If you ever wondered why India never got an Oscar, he is your answer

5) Obsession with lives of celebrities

You know at a time when India was facing so many issues from Pakistan to ensuring communal harmony and women’s rights through a bill on Triple talaq, the only thing in the minds of Indians was #Virushka. From photos to videos to nosy reporters and people glued to get every bit of information from their wedding. What I know is that in order to maintain their privacy the couple apparently told the wrong date to everyone else so that the reporters wouldn’t bother them. Yes I get it, being glued to their lives and their achievements helps us temporarily forget our own shortcomings, but there is nothing else you will get but a feeling of inadequacy.

6) Spreading more love

We have already seen too much hate spread out in different forms to different people. Be it lynchings or terrorism. Can this year we make a pledge to spread more love, give more hugs, and forgive(but never forget) the deeds of those who may have wronged us.

7) Learning to say NO

I for one know the struggle of saying no and giving in to the demands of others easily. The problem with us is that we’ve grown up with the mindset of “agla kya sochega” (what will he think), but in such circumstances no one cares as to what will you think. Saying no means that you understand the position of the other but will not give in to their request as you are looking out for your own best interest. It’s okay to be selfish at times.

8) Switching off

Full disclosure: this was my resolution for the year. It’s just because we’re glued to our gadgets so much that switching off seems like cutting off your oxygen supply. But for the sake of our health, let’s try and switch off from the phones, the laptops, the TV screens, all gadgets even for a day of the week and just spend time with ourselves and our loved ones.

Here’s hoping 2018 be your best ever year

Have a Happy new year