Be silly because Nobody Cares

I’ve ranted earlier about the “wo chaar log” phenomenon that India suffers from. The four invisible people, who gossip about our family, intrude in our lives so much that we have to alter our entire lives just to keep them quiet.

To put it in perspective it is as stupid as our very own Kejriwal asking proof of surgical strikes just so Pakistan can be silenced. The fact that you have to revolve your life around people who only get annoyed when you’re living your life happy and carefree is the biggest problem.

Things as small as a girl opting for a career over marriage still gets frowned upon in sections of the society and the fact that the girl is getting older and not ready to settle is something that doesn’t go well with the “chaar log”

Neither does the fact that a guy decides to pursue music, business or even stand up comedy instead of an engineering job or a fortune 500 company job after IIM is something that sits well with them. The fact is that these chaar log will never be there when you need people around, when you’re in trouble. The fact is that most people do not care what deep shit you’re in. So why should you even bother when those good for nothing people talk behind your backs because they don’t have the courage to say things in front of you.

Be silly, explore beyond what you thought you could do and go nuts on doing what you love. In the end it is all about you and no one else matters.


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