Being Bewakoof — An Outrage

When I came back from work in the evening and decided to watch the news last night, I knew it would be a big mistake but I did it anyway. There they were anchors of each and every channel with 5–10 people on Battle Royal style debate. Each one shouting over the other. Some channel was running the hashtag #salmanraperemarks or something to that effect, another conducting the DNA analysis of the actors past. The only thing I could say was, ‘AGAIN’?

This moron is the only exception of behaving like an A level A-hole and getting away with it. Killing deers is one thing, but running over people drunk and defending yourself to the end hits a new low. What was stranger than anything that celebrities came out in his defense. Even common people exposed their hypocrisy.

Now again he’s in the docks, the reason for making insensitive comments. But that’s not his fault, he’s merely reflecting what we collectively as people think about such a grave and serious issue. Constant jokes, using it as common term for when you’re tired strips it of the serious consideration that such an issue deserves.

Salmans reaction when he heard some people were outraged over the issue

When a celebrity makes it however it creates a ripple effect that spreads far and wide. For someone like Salman who is worshipped like god by a bunch of wannabe losers, these people will mimic everything he says and does to feel closer to their hero. Such comments can only further desensitise the whole issue. What truly is outrageous however is that all the actors and actresses stand exposed together yet again. The same people who called for heads of politicians on making similar insensitive remarks seem to have gone into hiding or are cowering under the holes like a bloody ostrich. Their reluctance to be outraged only cements the conviction that the attitude we take towards such topics lacks the firepower we need to tackle it.

What’s even more concerning that he’s going to represent India as an Olympic ambassador. The country has already been stereotyped by many as a country of rapists, we can surely do something to clean that image, outraging over it to those people won’t do. A positive stance might. Kicking him out as ambassador will be a good step in that direction.

If you’re a die hard fan of that idiot and angry with me for speaking out like this, so let me make this plain and simple because your peanut sized brain won’t be able to comprehend the seriousness of this issue. Rape is serious case, stop making a joke out of it.


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