Bundle of sorrows

So this is one story I’ve read in one book from my childhood days. The message is loud and clear yet something we choose to ignore. I won’t narrate the entire story but here’s a smaller version

There was a poor man in a town who always cursed his luck. He felt that he had the most burden of all. Everyone else that he saw was more wealthy, looked more prosperous and well off in life. He thought that every one else had lesser sorrows than him in life and wished if only he could exchange those with someone else. One night god appeared in his dream and said, tomorrow morning all your sorrows will be wrapped in bundle, bring them over to the town center. Next morning he noticed a black bundle in his house. He brought it to the tow center. He noticed that the entire town was there. Everyone had a bundle in their hand. Then they heard God’s voice, Pile your bundles together and so they did. Then the voice came again, each of you can choose anyone else’s bundle of sorrows. The poor man then noticed that compared to his small bundle nearly everyone had a huge one. Everyone looked at each other and took their own bundle back home. The poor man too happily took his small bundle back knowing that he was better off than others.

The message is simple. Stop comparing your lives with others. Stop looking at what others are showing to you. It is not what they truly are. Part of your sorrows could be because you feel you have it rough as compared to others not realising you may be better off than them.


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