Taking stock of the Diwali Aftermath

Today, if nothing else is a day of contradictions and pure hypocrisy. First of all diwali has always been in the scanner of people. There’s only one thing that a lot of people have had a problem with which is bursting crackers. This time was no different. Now we all know that this festival is India’s biggest one ever. Some people however take celebrating to a whole new level with mindless bursting of crackers.

Till before diwali most people had moronic arguments to put out as if they were brain dead their entire life. Let’s have a look at all the arguments people have put up and why they are their display of stupidity

Argument 1: You’re so worried about animals being scared, first stop eating meat, tell those people who eat beef etc to stop it and go green. Ask those people where were they when thousands of goats were killed. Two wrongs never make a right. Just because according to them people are being hypocritical when they put this argument first doesn’t hide their idiocy. The animals and birds being talked about are those who roam free instead of being someone’s dinner, like dogs and cats.

Argument 2: It is a part of Hindu tradition. Last year someone argued this thing in the Supreme Court , Here’s an extract of the full article

Courtesy: The Hindu

Here’s what I got called out for asking where is it written that bursting crackers is essential on a discussion forum

Argument 3: You don’t care about the environment for the rest of the year, you should stop using cars and AC and use cycle. This argument proves that we’re brain dead beyond repair. Here’s some comments on the Men’s XP page

Well yes I agree that cars, buses etc cause pollution, but when has it been that Delhi’s pollution levels have been 16 times higher than normal. Further as opposed to vehicles which have a purpose, what purpose do crackers serve?

Here’s an excerpt from the NDTV article

Data from the central pollution monitoring agency showed that concentrations of Particulate Matter or PM 10 (coarser pollutants) was over 1,600 micrograms per cubic metre compared to a safe level of 100 at around 2 am in Delhi’s Anand Vihar.

When pollution is this high and we know that crackers are the reason then all your arguments automatically go out the window. In one of my earlier articles I’ve stated that earth never was and never will be in danger , only humans. Looks like we’re doing a pretty darn good job when you have so many idiots. We should have been cautious in the first place when things like air purifiers came out. If we don’t stop mindless pollution soon enough, we’ll soon be buying bottled air. Oh wait, too late

Read along people. Here’s the full article

In India, Vitality Air plans to sell its 8 litre bottles of air from the Canadian town of Banff through kiosks in shopping malls. Each bottle comes with a built-in mask that lets users inhale the air. The company is testing 200 bottles to the country, before its official launch. The product costs $32 (Rs 2,132) on the company’s website, but its price in India is still to be decided.
Vitality Air started operations in March 2015 and models itself after the bottled water industry. “Just like bottled water, premium air is a growing industry because people are noticing the difference,” the company’s website states. It uses a giant vacuum to suck fresh air from the Rockies, which is then transferred into giant tanks, and then bottled using a clean compression technology that claims to remove any contamination. Vitality Air sells canned air as well as oxygen, but isn’t the only one to do so. An Australian company recently started selling fresh air from Down Under in China.

*slow clap*