Collective stereotyping

As an Indian I thought I’ve seen it all in India. I’ve done my fair share of travelling, and thought things are so simple. But only today did I realise that I couldn’t have been more ignorant.

Unlike other countries, India was never meant to be fully understood. It’s probably the same ignorance that makes the world still consider us as a land of snake charmers, while we’re beating them at their own game of space exploration.

There’s always been a deep mystery about my country. No one in the north knows what Kerala or Tamil Nadu is all about or what treasures are there in the north east. Most of us have committed the blatant offence of generalising, or rather stereotyping a place with something, normally food or something else.

Tell me if these generalisations are something you can relate to

Punjab- Butter chicken, golden temple

Haryana- Jaat, Gujjar, Hatt ja taau paache ne

Uttar Pradesh- Kebabs, crime, illetrate rickshawallas

Bihar-Litti chokha, crime, illetrate rickshawallas


Goa-Feni, parties, drugs

Himachal- Kasol,drugs,Dharamchala-mcleodganj

Tamil Nadu- Rajnikant, Dosa sambhar

West Bengal- Fish curry, Communists

The 7 sister states (N-E)- Chinki

Such generalisations and stereotyping speak volume of our collective ignorance and the lack of respect and admiration it truly deserves.

What I have realised that a travel through this beautiful land really gives me the eye opening experience that I truly truly need. The one problem is that the more I try to understand and unravel the riches it has to offer, the more confusing and complex it becomes.