Confession of a 20 something…..

Lets be honest, of all the times in your life, there is one block of time that will always be the most special of them all. It literally defines you and what you become during this time stays with you for the rest of your life. This period ranges from age 20–30.

While your teen year lays the foundation, it’s the twenties that makes you ready to shape yourself. That’s what makes it the best and worst times.

All around you everything undergoes a massive change, on the one hand your parents expect you to be responsible and on the other they refuse to acknowledge that you’ve grown up and still treat you like a child. One of your friend who was probably the craziest guy/girl of them all is now quietly settled down, gotten married and living a responsible life while another who was probably the most decent person during school/college is now the craziest freak you’ve ever seen. Your relatives start bothering you with questions of marriage while you’re still trying to figure your life out. You probably graduated late like me, which makes the question even more irksome.

You’re just out into this world riding the stormy seas and making the most of it while on the other hand the safe shores call out to you. At this point I’m still a child at heart, a person who loves to watch old cartoons as much as the 9 o clock news. A person trying to find himself amidst the conflicts in his own mind.

I’m soon going to be 28 yet there’s so much of confusion that I can’t seem to tie it down. While I’m thankful to the lord for all that I am today, I look back to a lot of things with regret. So many things missed out, so many opportunities lost. While recollecting the memories of the most crucial years gone by all I have to show for it are the countless hours of study and the never ending exams while putting everything aside, with not even enough time to make friends and being all alone in a city full of 20 million people. That is what has defined me now.

At this point I’m just a person who hasn’t figured out who he truly is or what he could be. What I do know is that all that all that I had been through during my 20’s I’m stuck being that person now. It’s gonna take a long time to change that and by the time I do change, I’ll probably be so old that I’ll wonder was it even worth it.

This is not a post for you, this one is for me. My personal ranting space.


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