How this morning ritual has helped me in becoming sharper

So what is your morning routine? For most its probably hoping to wake up late. For others it’s a cup of tea and off you go to your special place. Some prefer taking a newspaper as well. While the majority will check for messages and mail on the phone

For me morning is the best part of my day. I wake up early so I got extra time for myself. Normally I go for a jog or hit the gym but there’s one more thing which I’ve been doing right after getting up. It’s using my phone, but not for mails.

Using Brain Train apps such as Lumosity & Elevate right there in the morning, when my brain least expects it, gives it a jump start. If your brain can handle that much right in the morning it will help you far better during the rest of the day. What I found even more interesting is that when I combined the ritual i.e. Wake up>Brain Train>Gym, I felt a whole new level of amazing. It’s already proven that people who walk or do a physical activity in the morning have more active brain. But combining it with brain training will only take it to a new level.


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