Misguided Anger

What began as a simple news last night is what is making waves and causing a virtual shitstorm all across the internet.

Here is what I know. An ex-snapchat employee filed a lawsuit against the company. One of the things he alleges is that the CEO of snapchat in a meeting said that he does not wish to expand in countries like India and Spain because they are poor. The lawsuit was filed in January but its only now that these facts are coming out. Let me remind you that these are again allegations filed by an ex-employee in a court.

What followed was the same shitstorm that has hit so many when someone from outside says something against India. Almost instantly people started deleting the app and leaving behind one star reviews. At the time of writing this post, the app had an overall rating of one star on the app store and lakhs of have registered their displeasure both on google play and on twitter.

Now here is the funny part. Some people actually confused Snapchat with Snapdeal and vented out their anger there.

Well we all have our own share of geniuses.

Listen guys I’m not here to say anything for or against Snapchat. If you want to uninstall and give it a low rating that is your choice. Some people across the world will always remain ignorant. If you want to know what I am saying just go to sites like 9gag where the gaggers community has stereotyped India as a country of rapes and people shitting on streets. There is nothing that can be done of an ignorant mind.

What I would like to know is where is that level of anger and passion when real threats harm India’s interests? Where is that shitstorm when people in JNU side with terrorists? Where is that shitstorm when local residents try to save terror operatives? Why aren’t we angry about the social evils that are so prevalent in India. Have we just accepted them? Believe it or not these are the things that are harming interests of India more than an alleged ignorant comment by a CEO sitting halfway around the world. Just think about it? Is your own anger misguided?