Skin Deep

I come from a society that is based on first impressions. Most people will judge you in a single look. How you look, what you’re wearing and in some cases even the colour of your skin.

That being said, I find it highly ironical that a country widely known and admired for people with a slightly brown and somewhat chocolatey skin tone all over the world prays for a white skin and is constantly fed by stupid products like Fair & Lovely/Fair & Handsome. As if having a white skin tone automatically changes your identity and you become popular. In addition too much importance is given to looks and not that much on a persons confidence which is really what matters in the end.

Here are a few examples

Khoudia Diop is a 19 year old model from Senegal. She was bullied all through her life for having a dark skin.

You just saw the pic and I can already sense your racist sentiments coming out. Believe it or not, this model now has a fan following rivaling the best in the industry. To top that, her work is stunning

If that didn’t convince you then here’s another example. Meet Winnie Harlow

She’s very easy to recognise as you can see. Her skin condition also known as Vitiligo causes white patches on the skin. Some people here consider the person to be cursed and bringer of bad luck. Winnie was bullied throughout her life being labelled as cow and zebra. Her story from facing abuse to becoming America’s top model is one we can all take a lesson from. Confidence always overpowers good looks.

Still not convinced? Here’s one more example right from home

Reshma Qureshi, 19 was attacked by her estranged brother in law by acid, After enduring numerous skin graft surgeries and contemplating suicide, she met the founder of Make Love Not Scars, a group that helps survivors of the gender-based crimes.

Quereshi stars in the group’s online video campaign, which has been viewed by 1.3 million people and led to her appearance in the New York fashion week.

The simple point is beauty comes in all types, it takes the right mindset to see that it is not just skin deep