Surgical strike on an Adarsh Liberal

Looking at how the agenda of a few sections of the society is working after Uri

Today my facebook wall was full of people blaming people and especially Modi of starting a possible war with Pakistan. It was high time to puncture these people and there stupid arguments. But first some context…..

Lets go back a few months. It was the time when Pathankot air base was attacked. The Prime Minister came under heavy fire from all sections of media, intellectuals and others that he was no better than Manmohan, he is a weak Prime minister and what not. Some released a video of what he said to Rajat Sharma about attacking Pakistan in their homes and calling him up a “jumlabaaz” who does nothing but foreign trips. On the other hand these people really didn’t look at or didn’t want others to look at what he was doing in those trips. Nevermind.

Fast forward to Uri, the attacks happened, the same brigade was out again to point fingers, bicker and complain that we have weak, “jumlebaaz” PM. To top it all off the same video was being shared. Then came the unexpected, the DGMO announced of a surgical strike in Pakistan. Everyone was in a frenzy, the intellectual brigade was stunned into silence and submit into the jubliation that India had simply because they didn’t know what else to do that day.

But now a couple of days have passed, the so called intellects and liberals have had enough time to think and so they’re out with all the points. A ahem “sanghi” reporter was kind enough to collect them.

Then there are those libtards who were earlier crying out on inaction and are now crying out about warmongering. The fact is a conventional war is not going to happen. Narendra Modi’s foriegn trips have paid rich dividends where most countries are silent and others are supportive. It’ll most likely be through the terror networks. India did not attack pakistan or its armies but terror camps. Further, Pakistan is caught on the wrong foot by denying surgical strikes and complaining about them to the UN as well. But no the liberals won’t look at that. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

I decided performed a surgical strike on such a liberal and this is what I found. Note the dates and the change in attitude.

This next one right before Khozikode speech

After the speech

….. and now my favourite of them all, this one is right after the attack by the Indian army

And then these morons get offended when we call them by names such as pseudo-seculars, sickulars, libtards, adarsh liberals, award wapsi gang etc etc .

As long as these liberals keep their agenda up, nothing can get done. Threatening the nation out that a war can happen and questioning their patriotism in such ridiculous manner is just the beginning. Again, Rohit Sardana says it brilliantly.