The grand Indian political downpour

For those of you outside of India reading this, there is one important thing you need to know. India has a very complex system which is very robust and solid. The way things are run are through a mix of bureaucracy, politics and people. Our system has withstood the test of time and has been perfected over through our sincere, dedicated and hardworking politicians.

The only thing that can make this robust system come to a grinding halt is

….yes that’s right, a single rain. One strong rain and our robust system and everything goes down the drain, if they were unclogged by the government that is.

Rain is not a new phenomena, we’ve been getting monsoons for almost forever. Neither is the drama that unfolds after the chaos. While people, municipal bodies, state and center all exist in a city like Delhi, no one wants to be blamed for the chaos that ensues after a rain, which may just be a drizzle at times.

While the delhi citizens refuse to own up to their responsibilities of ensuring not throwing garbage which eventually leads to clogging of many drains, the government always cuts a sorry figure by not bracing up by de-silting drains and repairing road. The latest victim of pothole was recently in the news who got his head chopped off because of it. The Delhi government on the other hand decided to do a shoddy repair work and show their dedication. When their arguments fell flat, all attacks were diverted to other usual places *cough* “modi” *cough*

For its part, municipal corporation who has to undertake cleaning work also hides in the potholes or under the water from the wrath of Delhi.

The 4–5 hour long traffic jam is proof that we can never have a sound policy for a city that people are already starting to leave. While Delhi suffers, our Chief Minister can blame the center and others all he wants, the fact is he’s the one wearing the thorny crown.