The Great Pakistani Tamasha

Why Pakistan’s antics are the making of an epic saas bahu type show

Today what I witnessed in the news was nothing short of hilarious. Indian journalists getting banned from going to Pak, Pakistan blacking out all channels and to top off Terrorist leading a protest march while Pak complaining about India at the UN.

If this was an ekta kapoor serial it would have been one hit show. You got the vamp (Pak) you got the main lead (India), the so called common bf over which war of words happen. One is a deranged lunatic, the other one plays the perfect girl who is loved by one and all and she’s the ambitious one. The vamp plays every trick in the book only to be left red faced each time and get humiliated. Then she tries something that would cause great harm to the protagonist, and after being foiled sets up a trap to cry victim. In some time the people see through the vamps bluff and rebuke her. Till the next devious scheme, *evil laugh*

If Pak was a vamp, this is exactly how it would look like after being thwarted

But seriously, if it wasn’t bad enough that these buffoons nearly everytime behave in a similar fashion. Attack, get attacked and cry victim. Dear Pakistan we know you guys are crappy actors, we got more than enough evidence on youtube. Spare us the agony and start behaving like a mature country for a change.


As a bonus, here’s some clips from Pak TV news channels, enjoy