The missing spark

“It’s like the spark has gone out of your eyes.” How many times I might have heard that on TV or seen it with someone, I always had this curiosity as to what this person was maybe 10 or 20 years ago, young and wild at heart, crazy like anything and full of passion.

Time takes away a lot of that zeal from you, I’ve seen it happen overtime. People with that zeal, that spark, that energy now only look like a shadow of what they used to be. It’s actually to the point of scary.

The truth may hurt but in due time we may all be the same way. Lost passion, gave way to others needs and put aside our own and sacrificed what we love for the people we love.

Now you’ve that age old excuse for yourself,”I’m too old for this shit” as first said by my favourite Captain Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon. Maybe it is time to give in to your passion once again, age has nothing to do with it. It is a number, you’re not too old to ride that motorcycle, or pick up that guitar or even go to the local bar and try as a stand up comedian. No matter you succeed or get laughed at.

What will matter is that you tried it once again. That one thing that made you feel alive . So pick up that brush again and paint the canvas like your life depends on it. At the end of things you will never ever live to regret that you never got a second chance at living your life because at this moment if you’re denying yourself that happiness under the, “too old for that thing” the only thing you will be left with is not spark but only regrets.