The streets are filled with idiots

So this is about something that happened today. I was in the car with two other colleagues coming back to home after a long day’s work. So we were at the toll right before entering Gurgaon, oh pardon me, Gurugram from Jaipur end. The guy driving suddenly gets a phone call while is car is doing a measely 5km/hr as it is waiting at the toll. He’s so busy with the phone that he forgot about slamming the brakes and hits the car in front of him.

Naturally at fault and feeling guilty he gets off the car and apologises, seeing there’s no damage done, we thought the matter would be over. But the guy is adamant that we damaged his car and his bumper came loose off one side. Not really ready to accept that, he crosses the toll and challenges us that we put our car in front of his so that he can hit us back. Thinking this guy is off his rockers, we apologise and drive away only to be chased by this asshole in way that we could have been in a serious accident.

He stops in the middle of the road again with the same dare. We move again and he’s still chasing us. Finally we manage to lose him in the heavy traffic and jams. Today’s experience was a simple reminder that the streets of Delhi at least, are full of idiots.


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