Why Lousie Delage is the hero we need

First of all a little perspective. Louise Delage is a young 25 something who’s living the life everyone envies. With over 101k followers she’s an online sensation people talk about. All of that in barely 150 posts. Check out some of her pics.

I am pretty sure you’re jealous already. Luxury living and a huge fan following of the new internet celebrity. The best thing is she joined instagram making her an instant sensation.

Here are some other pics

Now you may be wondering, what is so special about this profile that I declared her an instant hero. The very reason that this entire profile is fake is what makes it so special. All of the time Lousie has been shown in exquisite places, fashionable clothes and a wide variety of booze. In its 150th and probably final post, the account posted this.


NOTE: Was having issues with embedding so I’m sharing the link

Long story short, this profile was created by an advertising agency BETC for a campaign against alcohol addiction for the agency Addict aide an organization igniting awareness campaigns about alcohol addiction among youths.

The message was hidden in plain sight that even the best of us can fall prey to alcohol addictions and ruin ourself. The campaign was heavily dependent on featuring a normal person and putting out posts at rush hours with common hashtags that a lot of people use. Most people didn’t get the message as they all saw a normal happy girl living her life. Few may have noticed the presence of alcohol in every pic but most craved to have a lifestyle she lived which only marks a greater problem that we as a collective face. However now that the message is out in the open and smacked us right in the face, maybe it is time to have a look at this problem which is a silent menace for some people.