Why this is the best book for entrepreneurs

So there you are sitting at your desk job dreaming of having a business of your own. If you’re a CA/CPA like me then you may be considering your own public practice firm too. The problem might be that you don’t know where to start.

Since last year I’ve picked up quite a few books to go through on different topics, but probably the best one that I probably saw was this one book “Rework.” It was written by a bunch of people who have achieved success in their business by bending and twisting every single rule of starting a business. In some case they even advise to go ahead and do the things that most businessmen avoid. They also end up breaking the notion that we have been clinging on to for so long, one of which is top putting long hours into your work. Their methods may sound mad, but it is the reason for their undisputed success in their field which now makes their app, ‘Basecamp’, one of the best collaboration tools out there.

It’s not just me who loves it. Here’s what a self-made billionaire Mark Cuban has to say.

“If given a choice between investing in someone who has read Rework or has an MBA, I’m investing in Rework every time. A must read for every entrepreneur”

Let’s take another example. In my experience of meeting almost every fellow CA who talks about starting on his own, my first question is always, “So how are you going to start?” The only thing I’ve ever heard is their plan to buy/rent office space, have this amazing furniture that looks good when clients come in, invest in a good laptop/desktop, probably some law books and they’re set.

The rework calls this the start of the end. If you’re going to waste all that capital on back end things which can wait till later then you’re going to fail from the start. All you really need is a basic laptop, a good internet connection and a web server. Those clients aren’t just going to come in with their files on day 1, it is you who’ll have to run around them. When you’re running around trying to get business your office space will be tying you down. Instead, invest in a small coworking space or better yet work from a coffee shop and meet the clients at their place.

The point is whether you’re at a desk job, already running a business or having a practice like some of my friends, then this book is definitely for you.


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