Why I still play the original Super Mario Bros.

Ever had those nostalgic moments, where you sit and remind yourself of all the fun things you did as a kid. Maybe your favourite kind of candy, or that video game. Those memories are an amazing part of my life now. The early morning cricket matches on Sunday. The small ice cream pops, the trip to the fair, tying a towel on yourself and pretending you’re Superman.

With the change of time sadly most of us grow out of that habit. We eventually grow up, grow older, get a job, get all those responsibilities that we never signed up for but still got them anyway. No matter how big or important you grow up to be it is those childhood memories that show you in your truest self. But one of the most important things they do to you is that no matter how stressed you are, they take you out from it.

Not just the memories, but a piece of that childhood can calm you down on a day when you’re head is sunk between your hands and provide you inner peace, even if only for a few seconds.

There are many ways to go about it. For me, it is the classic game of Super Mario and Contra. I have spent hundreds of hours playing those two. I have a saved copy on my computer with an emulator. No matter how stressed out are irked I am with the pitfalls of growing up, going back to that piece of what I was makes me feel alive again. So what is your childhood memory? Find it, preserve it, hold it tight. If nothing else, it’ll save you from yourself.


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