World Environment day

Don’t worry, the earth is not in danger, it’s the human race

I was watching a movie today, an old movie probably 1960’s or 70’s, it showed an amazing view of what my borthplace, Shimla used to be. A small town snuggled up between the mountains with greenery all around. Fast forward today and the major part of the mountain is now a concrete jungle with hardly a few trees. In fact that is the first thing you see when you take a trip.

It isn’t the story of one place. The population explosion, the greed of mankind, the advancement of human technology has made it far far worse. All the places that were once beautiful have been reduced to nothing due to rising pollution, garbage and global warming.

If you ask me who was the greatest environmentalist of all time, I would give the answer, Genghis Khan. He killed so many people that he was able to effectively cool down the earth or who knows, things today might have been much worse.

But when it comes to truly sorting things out, we have idiots sitting in the conference room pointing fingers. America for example, one of the largest polluters has some of the most idiotic politicians who refuse to believe about global warming. Here’s one asshole named Ted Cruz, who wanted to be President of USA this time.

You think things will change when morons are leading us? Then to make things worse when some countries like India are trying hard to reduce environmental footprint by putting up solar panels, guess who roadblocked their move. Yep, good old red, white and blue uses trade rulings and its muscle in the WTO to stop it.

Now America isn’t the only culprit here, in fact all of us are guilty. Be it our ignorance or disbelief we are causing environmental damage on an unprecedented scale. NASA recently put out pics what the world was like and what we have turned it into. I urge you to go through all the pics at the end of this article to see for yourself.

We exploit its rich resources, dirty its rivers, cut down its trees without a second thought all in the name of growth and development. Things have gone so bad that we now even have air purifiers, a thing unheard of till very recently. We do it all without giving a second thought, without thinking we’re all so tiny in when things are put into perspective. We don’t have a second planet to go to when we’re done here stripping everything away from it.

At the same time there are a bunch of people who’re putting out the wrong message in trying to save the planet. They all say, the earth is in danger. Well let me tell you just one thing. Earth neither is, was or ever will be in danger. It’s only the human race who is in danger. See, the earth has existed for billions of years and it has a good 5 billion years more before the sun gobbles it up. Large scale extinction of the dinosaurs has already occurred once. The earth won’t care if a second extinction takes place, one that involves humans. In the end nature will find a way to undo the damage and move on like it has. So stop spreading the lies that our world is in danger. The world faces no threat, we are the one facing threats, from our own greed and desires.

We’ve already lost too much. The seas have already risen 3 inches, massive climate changes are already happening. There’s not a moment to lose. Because we are in a race against time to save this race, not the planet. The planet will keep spinning round the sun and keep moving on. To end this, I leave you with frightening images of what we have done.

Pedersen Glacier- Alaska 1917 & 2011

Aral Sea- 2000 & 2014

Matterhorn mountain- 1960 and 2015

Mar Chiquita Lake Argentina — 1998 & 2011


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