Ruby on Rails

My first experience of web development training.

I have been teaching myself how to edit the code on my website all summer. So far I have only edited a few minor things on the site. I have app ideas that I want to pursue, however I have been apprehensive about trying to build them on my own. My ideas are centered on helping people. I want to develop tools that can make it easier for people to connect to the needs of the community.

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a two-day Intro to Web Development for Women workshop. The group of women were very diverse and were all eager to learn. I felt a sense of community. Being surrounded by people who wanted to have fun and learn something new and difficult was inspiring. We used the same tools professionals use and learned the same programming language that was used to build Twitter. I love learning new things and I don’t feel ashamed asking questions. Being able to sit and ask questions for two days from professionals was an invaluable experience for a beginner like me. I left feeling as though I could actually put into fruition the ideas that have been swimming in my mind for months.

I wanted to share my experience because it is important for women to be empowered to attend these events. Tech companies have been under fire for a while because of their lack of diversity. However, not enough people in general are exposed to web development. I do not have the answers to fix the diversity issues in Silicone Valley. But introductory events led by people in the industry are great ways to ease the intimidation new beginners may feel.

When I got home this evening I began working on my site again. I’m truly pumped to embark on a new journey of learning and making a difference.

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