Your UWF Application for The Village: what’s next?

There aren’t many things in life that happens without effort and planning. That’s totally true for a study abroad program like The Village. The trick is to attack your planning as early as you can and get help from folks along the way if you need it. So you’ve applied to The Village with Globalizedu, which is the provider company that develops and runs the program. The second critical step in your journey to Europe is to apply to the University of West Florida, which is the academic home of the program. Have you done this step? If yes, then you can stop reading. If not, then follow on…

The first thing to consider as you turn toward doing the UWF application is whether or not you’re a full-time UWF student already. If you are, then you will complete a study-abroad application for UWF students that’s reserved for you. You’ll need just a few minutes to complete the application that’s linked right here.

If you’re one of our many Village students coming from A-State, UL Monroe, Missouri State, Mississippi University for Women, University of Michigan, University of Florida or any other schools than UWF, you’ll want to hit this link to complete your application to register academically for The Village as a non-degree seeking student who will register with UWF just for the fall.

As you go through completing your application, do remember to check your boring email and be responsive to what you receive from Globalizedu, Dr. Mackaman, UWF Study Abroad and your own home institution’s study abroad and financial aid offices. And remember, too, to send Dr. Mackaman an email at or a text at 651–341–1806 if you have problems completing either version of the UWF application that’s appropriate to your registration situation.