Navigating Premature Menopause in My 30s

“Safety is the treatment.” — Stephen Porge

Eva Grape
The Virago


Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Imagine waking up one day to find that your body has decided to skip a few decades, throwing you into menopause in your 30s. Surprise! You just joined a sorority you didn’t RSVP for. And as for the pranks, it looks like you’ll need a ‘No More Shenanigans’ sign for your room.

Honestly, skipping periods, dealing with fatigue and a crappy mood, plus the accumulating waist fat against staying fairly active, felt like my body had played a cruel joke on me, leaving me scrambling to understand why.

This unexpected detour forced me to dig deep into the potential causes for this, and as my therapist likes to say, “It all goes back to your past.”

So, I started taking a good look at my past to face the hidden scars that may have shaped my nervous system. But guess what? This journey also illuminated a path to healing I never realized I needed. Read on to understand the perspective I’ve chosen on my experience with premature menopause.

Physical Safety

Let’s rewind to my childhood, shall we? Picture a home where “calm” was a foreign concept. My environment was a mix of chaos and instability. The constant drama meant my nervous system was perpetually on high alert.