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Hello, 2021, Welcome

We survived 2020; Many blessings wrapped inside a curse

My son, Tyler, in-joy. Photo by Sage Etters

One year ago I woke to 2020, in my new/old house, in my new state-of-mind. I was full of hope and optimism. HA! Most of us naively woke with similar feelings for the fresh new year 365 days ago.

Today, both my children are healthy, and happily living with the loves of their lives. They have learned how to…




We are a community of strong women who share our personal stories about how we’ve survived and thrived in our lives. We share our messages to heal and help others learn from our experiences

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Lynda Wallis

Lynda Wallis

Deeply rooted in the mid west, I write about little things — everything is a little thing-art, the creative process, the natural world, and love.

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