Why Every Successful Brand Needs a Visual Strategy

Marketers and brand leaders agree: if their brand were always presented in a consistent way, they estimate that revenue would increase by as much as 33 percent — a stunning figure. In the same 2019 report from template platform Lucidpress, 24.5 percent of those surveyed agreed that “inconsistent branding creates confusion in the market,” with another 18.6 percent saying it hurts a company’s credibility…




Visual content is a tool marketers can no longer live without. Learn which types of visual content are best for your next campaign, how to optimize that content for better returns, and much more from the expert team at Killer Visual Strategies.

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Erin McCoy

Erin McCoy

Editor @ medium.com/the-visual-marketer | Director, Content Marketing & Public Relations @ Killer Visual Strategies killervisualstrategies.com

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