"Like a Bad Fungus Dwightmare is Back!", The Orlando Sentinel Newspaper

Deja Vu all over again!, for Dwight Howard… 

The National Media and Lakers Nation are not familiar with this act, but Dwight Howard is back on the “…Is Not You, is ME!” whistle tour speech.

Unless you’ve done your due diligence before, only Magic Fans and the local Orlando Media have heard the speech before.

Howard is on Act One, now. Where he sounds conflicted and needs time to think what his next move is going to be and that the season was a nightmare, and that he will need some alone time to sort things out…Yadi Yadi Yada!!!

Then comes the following Lakers Nation:

He will continue to give the Media the “Going through the hell.” part of the speech, which it’s mostly his own doing anyway, while getting ready to hold the franchise hostage with his decision…and see if he can get the Head Coach fired along the way too.

Then he will resign with the Los Angeles Lakers and start talking about his loyalty nature in one breath, but decline to comment on any specific loyalty issues on the next sentence. Dwight Howard will try to play both sides, while smiling for the cameras all the time.

After that Howard will get into the confrontational part of the speech. He will begin to talk bad, publicly, about his teammates and question the lack of Testicular Fortitude on the team.

All of this will be going on, while he’s giving Kobe Bryant backhanded complements.

And finally comes the worst scene in the act…The Bloody End!

“… people don’t understand, when you’re doing business you have to be a shark. You have to demand things”

…he will also say,”…that he preferred a trade to another team and will start mocking the fans for not understanding The Business side of Basketball”,

And Howard is just getting started Lakers Nation…Welcome to the party!

The signs that Dwight Howard is a liar started a long time ago when during a bitter custody dispute with his Ex, she accused him of among other things “…of not being morally fit to have custody of their son and also called Dwight’s mental state sketchy!“.

What occurred that transformed the wide-smiling Superman to a deceptive egomaniac?

It’s hard to say, but I witnessed all this first hand and I know his breakup line Lakers Nation,

“…I’m a part of the Los Angeles Lakers and I plan to be here” “…That’s the only thing that I want to happen: just to have the city behind me and the support of our fans…”

”I’m not trying to run behind anybody!”

Soon after, he leaves.

I reminds me of this two guys arguing inside a comic book store, “…Dude! Superman can’t possibly be brave!…”

- one of the guys argues.“…How can you be brave, if nothing can hurt you?”

I must said, he did raise a valid point. A hero fictional, or not, greatest calling card is the courage to risk his/her life and put his/hers well-being at risk for the sake of others or the greater good.

So, in deed, how can you possible view Superman as brave?, if he knows nothing can ever harm him?

I’ve included a step by step video of THE SPEECH, Lakers Nation, enjoy!


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