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Damian Dulisz
Feb 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Some of you might have already found out, but today it’s official — we are excited to announce the Vue.js News platform. With such a rapidly growing ecosystem around Vue it is becoming more challenging to stay up to date with all that’s happening. That’s why we aim to provide a reliable way to all the important news for Vue.js developers like you. Right from the source.

The news platform consists of:

  • Weekly Newsletter (previously known as Vue.js Newsletter)
  • News Podcast covering the highlights from the newsletter
  • A webpage where you can read and listen to all of the above

How it all started

One and a half year ago, some time in July, I got together with Krzysztof Jung and we came up with the idea for the Vue.js Newsletter. I think it was the first Vue related newsletter ever. It turned out to be an incredibly popular idea. To the point we had to turn off the new subscriber notifications as the emails flooded our mailboxes in the first several minutes after announcing the newsletter. A few days later, on July 20th, we sent the very first issue to first 759 subscribers. Today we have sent the 80th weekly issue and our subscriber base already passed 7000.

If you’re not a subscriber yet, subscribe here!

More than just a Newsletter

Although the Vue.js Newsletter project started as side-project for Krzysztof and me while working at Monterail, thanks to the generous donation from Monterail, the newsletter has since become the official news channel for the Vue.js organisation. Yay!

However, what’s more interesting is that it won’t be just a newsletter anymore thanks to Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr from the Vue Mastery team. Due to their involvement, each newsletter issue will be additionally covered in the form of a weekly podcast.

Now you will be to get the news the way you like it.

You can already subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcasts, Android, Stitcher or simply using RSS.

Get involved

Of course, even we won’t be able to discover all the new, great stuff you all create each week. That’s why we ask for your help! Get involved in gathering the most useful stories. Just go to the online form found on the submit page and submit your story, library or news.

Ah, and feel free to follow us on Twitter @VueNewsletter :)

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