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Apr 12, 2016 · 8 min read

The Spark of Life


This is the vision that drives the LifeMaker project. We all share the responsibility for a positive transformation of human society and its impact on planet earth, and we are ready to take this giant leap forward together.

That’s why our project is divided in two main modules: the first for self improvement and the second for network collaboration.

How to Play

LifeMaker is a life-changer gaming application that helps you be the change you want to see!

01. The Single Player mode — @MAN, read atman — is an offline tutorial focused on self-development and fulfillment of personal goals.

An intelligent chatbot — LifeSpirit — will help to identify your life goals and provide guidance and assistance as you are progressing towards their realization.

02. In MultiPlayer mode — #RAM, read ashram — you can exchange help, knowledge and resources with a social network of change-makers and activists worldwide.

Think of the LifeMaker ashram as the gathering space of the global alternative tribe!

How will LifeMaker help you and your community?

  • Identify life goals and set intentions.
  • Fulfill goals through self effort and guidance from both the LifeSpirit (AI) and the LifeMaker community.
  • Help each other, organize events, and share knowledge in the #RAM by sending Smoke Signals of four major categories and sub-categories (represented as #tags).
  • Create a system of trust — Everyone will have a public profile with Karma & Skill scores, based on feedback by the community.
  • Find mentors (Gurus) and collaborators based on your requirements.
  • Learn through the KnowledgeTree —an open database generated by the contribution of the entire network — which will enable interest-based and geo-location discovery.
  • Enjoy a green, alternative economy based on gratitude — with our eco-digital currency HolyWood.
  • Retain control of your private information — host your data on personal servers connected in a distributed social network.
  • Participate to a global network of alternative communities, an interconnected yet decentralized society with no single point of failure.

What is the founding belief of LifeMaker?

“We Are One.” — We are part of a connected and evolving web of Life, joined and made by the same thread.

The separation between the Me Vs Rest is a perceptual and intellectual illusion. When one discards the filter of separation, one starts to see the Self in every living being.

The exploitative culture we inherited is not functional to life and doesn’t comply with the meaning of our existence on earth. As humans, we must recognize that We Are Life! Our most basic drive in this universe is to act in such a way so as to perpetuate our species and life as whole. In a strictly evolutionary sense, this is what we are born to do.

From here comes the responsibility towards the future generations, the love and compassion for every living creature, the will to co-create a better world “our hearts know it’s possible.” (to quote Charles Eisenstein)

WE — Our network constitution

In order to save humanity from a premature extinction we must raise the people’s awareness, and the only way to do that is to start with ourselves and set the example for others to follow.

Our network constitution requires every LifeMaker to embrace a set of ethical guidelines that help us live in peace with each other, and in harmony with the natural environment. Every member of the network will have to voluntarily subscribe to the ‘WE’ and follow practice in everyday life as best as he/she can, with the guidance and motivational support from the LifeSpirit bot and the entire LifeMaker community.

Let’s think of ourselves as the Bodhisattvas of the 21st Century: our goal is none less than to facilitate the collective enlightenment of mankind! To prove our commitment, each of us will record a short video of himself proclaiming LifeMaker’s Declaration of Intent — a fresh variation of the Four Great Bodhisattva Vows.

The LifeMaker Trust

The LifeMaker Trust will promote the network distribution while preserving its integrity and founding values.

The trust will be be run as a non-profit organization that promotes social and environmental welfare. Every peer in the LifeMaker network will automatically be a stakeholder of the LifeMaker Trust.

Members will cover the network’s operational costs and all the extra funds generated by the platform (eg. donations) will be reinvested into community projects and events. The trust will also issue an yearly transparency report on accounting & finances.

Call to Action

Seeder Roles

By the end of the year we wish to form a tight nucleus of 300 Seeders who are genuinely interested in contributing their time and skills to help LifeMaker germinate and bloom.

Seeders are the pioneers of the network and will help it develop and organically grow. If you love this idea, please consider becoming a Seeder: choose a role that suits yourself and send us an application letter!


Remember: LifeMaker is a “by the people and for the people” project — from inception to birth to maturity. It is a game to build a brighter future for ourselves, our children and all life on earth. Everyone who desires the same from their heart is invited to join us and help make our wish come true.

The Roadmap

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Lao Tze

The Launch @HH17

On Sunday, May 21st, on the roof of the HillHacks 2017 venue in Bir, India and surrounded by the majestic Dhauladhar Himalayas, we launched the first round of a two-step crowdfunding campaign.

01. The next 6 months

Our first target is to raise 2 Lakh Rupees (about 3000 US Dollars) to be distributed among a designer, a video director and the expenses to organize a conference later this fall.

What we need is designer expertise to make a beautiful prototype of the app and a professionally-looking videoclip to present LifeMaker to the world and launch the bigger crowdfunding by the end of the year.

The next 6 months

This is how you can help:

  1. Share the crowdfunding link on your social media.
  2. Follow us on Twitter, Medium and Facebook.
  3. Talk about this project with your friends and connect us with those who might be interested in the idea.
  4. Chip in the crowdfunding campaign. Every contributor will receive a brand new LifeMaker account and a complimentary stock of HolyWood to start with.
  5. Submit design proposals for the app screens & logo.
  6. Help us define the technical specifications of the platform. We need expert help especially in the fields of digital currencies, distributed network topology and artificial intelligence.
  7. Write blog posts and magazine articles about this project.
  8. Ask us any question, or give us some feedback.
  9. Join our team!

In the next 6 months we have to gather a committed team of Core+Seeders that will finalize a 2-year development roadmap, complete with designs, technical specs and budget. There’s also a lot of work to be done on the social media and in the real world to create a buzz about the Main Launch in December.

02. The next 2 years

The Development Roadmap:

  • Ashram/Spring 2018

Initially, the LifeMaker app will operate as an P2P network overlay running on top of the Internet.

To secure the network’s resilience against attacks, LifeMaker will follow a one person/one account policy. The trust factor will be ensured by the internal feedback mechanism plus an initial invite-only policy to join.

  • Atman/Fall 2018

Second comes the Personal Development part with the app’s chatbot: LifeSpirit. We want to design this module as a gaming software you can download on your device and play offline.

We’re also thinking of a collaboration with open hardware projects such as FreedomBox, who is building in-a-box personal servers running free software for distributed social networking purposes.

By storing their data on their personal computer or in a server they trust, users will retain control over their private information.

  • Currency/Spring 2019

Third we will integrate a digital currency to the social part of the app.


HolyWood aims to be the first eco-digital coin in the world.

You’ll need to burn HolyWood in order to fire Smoke Signals and broadcast your messages to the #RAM. But thanks to its digital nature, HolyWood is 100% green and doesn’t produce any exhaust for combustion. What’s more, the currency will be designed as an environmentally friendly blockchain that is ‘mined’ by doing useful things for the community (such as planting a tree, collecting garbage or setting up a solar power station in your neighborhood). Our goal is to generate a positive ecological footprint every time that a new HolyWood is created.

  • Mesh/Fall 2019

With HolyWood, the network will start running an internal incentive scheme to set up and maintain a global mesh network that operates autonomously from the TCP/IP Internet.

The Global Mesh will enable a decentralized, resilient and robust communication network, owned and maintained by the users and with no single point of failure.

In the next two years, we want to build a tool that will change our lives, and the world — forever.

It’s a gift to our children, and to the generations of humans that will live after us. And it’s also a gift to ourselves and to the memory of our ancestors that have prepared the ground for this exceptional time.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to let go of your bad habits and contribute to the creation of a new world:


The Core.

The W.A.M. Trilogy

Three essays about the past, present and future of the World Alternative Movement.


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The W.A.M. Trilogy

Three essays about the past, present and future of the World Alternative Movement.

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