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Fredia The Cheetah Gibbs

The Most Dangerous Woman in The World!

Triumph Over Adversity with Strength and Self Confidence!

Photo of Fredia Courtesy of Facebook

Yo, to all my real Mfalme Swahili for (King’s) & Malkia Swahili for (Queens)in the house. I must let all of ya'll to know that black history month is twelve months a year, not just one month in February okay. Skirrrrrtttttt! So, if you rap, sing, write, make clothing or cook your ass off your black history in the making every day on this planet. And the rest of ya'll who did not find your purpose in life yet no matter what age you are it will come to you just as long as you put the creator first. Also, for all of you fakers in the game stop the Cap!

Now if you're new to my blog everyone is welcome, and I always give a mad shout out to all my writing friends blog Diva’s blog homey’s and specially to all of my megalomaniacs from all over the globe that’s out of control. Thank you for holding me down all year round!!! Most of the time I write about people that you know and some people that you don’t know. This time I’m dropping this on ya'll the first black woman world champion kickboxer, boxer, and All-American in basketball and track.

She’s known as the Most Dangerous Woman in the World her name is Fredia the Cheetah Gibbs. Oh yes, way before Layla Ail as a woman boxing champion and of course her famous father connection Muhammad Ail the greatest of all time.

Fredia Gibbs was born July 8, 1963 in Chester Pennsylvania they gave her the nickname The Cheetah at school due fast running performance in track at Chester High School. After high school Fredia attended Temple University in Philadelphia. Growing up Fredia as a youngin they bullied her as anybody knows that came up in Chester was a rough part of town. She was used to being chased home after school and being picked on all the time. One day her Uncle William Grose who was a Karate instructor pulled her to the side and told her she can’t keep running all her life. She quickly replied, “she didn’t want to be fighting all the time.” Her Uncle calmly told her it is not about fighting it’s about building up your self-confidence.”

So, every Saturday she sparred with her Uncle who also taught her karate. Fredia said, “ My uncle would challenge her and cut her no breaks. He taught her how to fight like she was a dude. One of the things he used to do was lock the door and place the key on the mat and the only way she could get out was to make it past him. Well after time sparring with her Uncle and learning more every time, she got deeper into the Martial Arts and became better every time. Finally, she made it past her Uncle getting that key to open that door. On that day of getting the key, she gained the skills and self-confidence he was talking about. Plus, she grew to love the sport getting her first black belt in Karate. Fredia also loved basketball. She was credited with turning a winless program at Chester High School into a Division Champion and State Semi-finalist and All- American honors.

After completing her collegiate basketball career at Cabrini Fredia Gibbs was hired to play professional basketball for team Etzella in Luxembourg in the European Women’s Basketball League. She led Eztzella to its first European Cup while leading the team in scoring and rebounding. In 1990 after moving to North Hollywood California Fredia Gibbs took up kickboxing at the Benny Urquidez’a The Jet Kickboxing Training Center. Under the instruction of Rubin Urquidez and David Krapes she studied Muay Thai Kickboxing of Bangkok after getting her training they started getting her some fights. Now with the record of 16–0–1 with 15 KO’s Her only draw came from an exhibition fight with a male opponent.

On her big paid-for-view fight billed as the Battle of the Masters, Before the fight, Fredia was told she was fighting the Most Dangerous woman in the world. Fredia quickly said how she is the most dangerous woman in the world when I Am! Valerie Henin was trash talking to Fredia before the fight. She said to Fredia I could not find Chester on the map. Fredia quickly snapped back by saying not only you’re going to find Chester on the map I’m the one your mama warned you about. Fredia Gibbs beat the Most Dangerous Woman in the World at the time from Franca Valeri Henin knocking her ass out. Fredia The Cheetah Gibbs became the first African American female to win ISKA The International Sport Karate Association World Championship in April 1994.

Not only did Fredia take her title she also took her tagline as well as the Most Dangerous woman in the world. In 1997 Fredia The Cheetah Gibbs started boxing professionally her record was 9–2–1 (2KO’s) 1975–2005 her kickboxing career she held ISKA, WKA, and WKF World Titles. She is the lady Jack Johnson from the door where some people never heard of her before. She is the first black superstar in the kickboxing game, but you can go on YouTube and check her put in that work. She is a pioneer that everybody needs to know about. And Oh yes, she also is a sexual assault survivor as well. The serial killer Lonnie David Franklin from Los Angeles was charged with 10 murdered women but has killed many more women. He picked up Fredia one night in 1993 after a party but she quickly turned the tables on him kicking his ass getting away he just did not know who he was fucking with the most dangerous woman in the world. Her story is a story of strength and triumphs over adversity in her life and all the women in the UFC and the kickboxing and boxing game stand on her shoulders for paving the way.

My name is Dartanya A. Williams Sr. I’m a crime writer and blog provocateur.



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