A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Views

Great work, great content, great service can only go so far without great visuals. Of course the former components are of ultimate importance in the long run — but without great visual expression/documentation along the way, much of your greatness may be overlooked!

There are countless sources citing that you will achieve more success in gaining and retaining attention if you have visuals reinforcing your offerings.

It is quite gratifying to see those stats come to life in our promotional efforts.

Recently, we held a “Productivity Boost Giveaway” featuring over $150 worth of quality items that might help to enhance the work environment. The prize set included Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless headphones, a large 22 oz. Yankee jar candle in our favorite scent (Autumn Wreath), a Mr. Coffee mug warmer (Amazon #1 Best Seller), and an Adelie branded 18 oz. stainless steel water bottle. We held the giveaway from 2/2 to 2/13 and announced the winner yesterday (2/15).

From the initial announcement of the giveaway to the declaration of its winner, here is our progress:

  • We officially opened up shop on Friday, January 1/29 and announced it on Facebook with only a picture of our simple 3-colored logo (Adelie Blue/black/white). Facebook tracked a very low rate of engagement (interactivity with the post — likes, comments, shares, clicks vs. simply seeing the post) Average reach: about 17 people per day
  • On 2/1, we announced that on 2/2 we would begin the giveaway. It was a concise message without any pictures. We purposely left out images on this post because we didn’t want to the announcement of the giveaway to feel like a bombardment. The image would come the following day with the opening of the sweepstakes. Higher than our first post but still fairly low rate of engagement. Average reach: about 24 people per day
  • On 2/2, we announced the giveaway with details and an illustrated image of all of the prizes (drawn by yours truly) because some of the items were still being shipped over. This post had a much higher rate of engagement including clicks to view the image, clicks on the links, clicks on other parts of the Facebook page, likes, and shares. Average reach: 32 people per day
  • On 2/9, we posted a reminder of the giveaway listing all details again but with a photograph of all the prize items (now in our possession). Considering there was no new information on this post other than the replacement of the illustrated image with an actual photograph of the prize items, it was interesting to see a consistent (just slightly higher) rate and type of engagement as the previous post. Average reach: about 74 people per day
  • Yesterday, 2/15, we posted our winner with the following winning “badge” image and what colorful “confetti” dots in the spirit of celebration. So far, this has the highest rate of engagement of our posts to date. Our total reach in the last 13 hours [at the time I am writing this post]: 195 people & Facebook analytics noted that this post was “95% more successful” in engaging people (including all clicks, shares, likes, comments, views) than our other posts. This was by far the most colorful and whimsical image we’ve published.

Of course the actual “live” reach count for each post didn’t spread out evenly per day. Rather, each post reached about 33% of its total reach count in its first day or two with the count steadily waning with each passing day. And of course the content of the posts influence the rate of engagement. Still, the number of clicks between the links to the giveaway, the links to the website, and the links to the blog were distributed pretty equally — so it wasn’t merely the sweepstakes that drove the engagement with the posts. The presence of an image made a notable difference.

In a time when every piece of information can be scrolled over in an instant, visually captivating elements will help you grab the attention that you’re due. Your good work should be properly noticed so that your products/services/ideas can be utilized/explored! It is definitely worth your time to consider how to incorporate [or improve your] use of visual assets to enhance your reach. Good luck!

And just one more thing before you leave… let me know,

Image hand-calligraphed & digitized by yours truly!