The Mission.

Our First Article!

Our stories and publications consist of thoughts and opinions on education, competition, work, and technology in an effort to encourage students in charting their own path and ideas as early as possible. That’s the mission. The Great Dissent consists of legal scholars expressing opinions that are at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially held. Ultimately, it’s a review for both students and educators. However, to be clear, we aren’t blaming students or teachers — just the institutions that confine them in their quests. We’ll share the tools, it’s up to our readers to decide to use them.

First Note on Education: Schools tend to breed a kind of process-oriented conformity to old idealogies that simply going to school is enough and if you work hard, and compete even harder, you will achieve success. However, in today’s world, the future is far from certain. We know what students want — they want to learn by getting something done in the real world — precisely so they can begin charting their own path as early as possible.

Students don’t have to accept the paths laid down by their schooling or by their competitors. But fundamentally, it’s something people have to figure out for themselves.

The problem just might be the brainwashing of students, from grade school up to graduate school, to conform to a lifestyle of competitiveness. Competing on tracks, students can quickly get caught up in incremental battles with each other, almost without realizing it. In fact, they can become real assholes. And think about that, is such a subjective difference in grades in a world of information technology, where just about anything is a-click-away, the basis for hiring and indicative of success or truly dispositive in terms of achievement and skill? We think not. We’d still hire the person who was in the bottom 10% — who I might add, still has pretty good grades. (i.e. At our law school the difference from the bottom % to the top was a mere 10 points, or 8 to the top 25%). What we would really be looking for is the person who had built a business, contributed to public service, or worked his/her way through school and perhaps even out of the ghetto to make something of themselves. There is still plenty of other things to consider, but what we are certain of is that we are not looking for the person who has struggled almost indefinitely to incrementally differentiate themselves.

SO get this People — defining yourself by your classmates and other competitors means giving up the most important reason to be yourself: YOU can do something new in the world that won’t be done unless YOU are the one to do it .

We’re here to guide that endeavor, to build the courage to think differently . . . O, and have fun doing it.

Stay tuned for our next story: It looks like it will be our first OPINION article

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of others. The Great Dissent is a private endeavor and does not claim to be affiliated, or otherwise a party to, or part of, any other company, university, institution, publication, newspaper, online or otherwise

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