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This article shares resources from the first of 8 webinars to help journalists and editors understand opportunities and threats of AI, and begin to use AI tools, to make informed decisions about their use in their newsrooms and businesses. The program is funded by the Walkley Public Fund. Learn more and donate here.

Each session explores AI opportunities, threats, and tools for a specific area of journalism, and offers a practical activity or question that you can try out as homework. By August, you’ll have new AI skills and insights to help your newsroom adapt to this rapidly changing technology!


Artificial intelligence offers many benefits to journalism, including the automation of time-consuming tasks — but it also comes with risks, including ethical use, audience transparency, and copyright.

Many newsrooms are scrambling to develop agile policies and approaches to this rapidly iterating technology, and incorporate it safely into news-gathering and content production.

This article shares resources from a webinar on 4 December 2023 held to help newsrooms and journalists get “AI-ready” for 2024, and is packed with practical tips and real-world case studies.


Professor Charlie Beckett, director of the JournalismAI Lab in London, sharing findings of a recent global survey of AI use in more than 60 newsrooms.


  • Gina McKeon, Editor of the ABC Innovation Lab
  • Saffron Howden, National Editorial Training Manager at Australian Community Media


  • Professor Beckett’s slides — download here
  • Readings and Resources — a curated list of reports, training materials, and newsroom policy statements on AI — download here
  • Catch up on all sessions on our dedicated landing page here
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  • Watch the webinar:


Corinne Podger, Senior Manager for Programs and Education, Walkley Foundation — corinne.podger@walkleys.com.


This program is made possible with the support of The Walkley Public Fund. Donations to the Public Fund are tax-deductible in Australia, and help the Foundation to support professional development programs including grants, scholarships, fellowships, and training. Learn more and donate here.



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