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Disclaimer 1: Game design is a fluid process. All aspects of this article are subject to change.

Disclaimer 2: This article discusses a core feature from Wanderers. If you are unfamiliar with Wanderers, please refer to this overview.

Rogue-lite games are like pizza.

Imagine ordering pizza but never knowing what toppings you will get. You find it thrilling that your pizza may arrive with your favorite topping pineapple, or it could have sardines. The pizza is good either way, but you wish you could have a bit more control over the toppings.

Lucky for you, the chefs at Wanderers have cooked up a mechanic that balances unpredictably and control.

Introducing RAM (aka pizza toppings).

What is RAM?

RAM stands for “Random Access Memories.” It is a game mechanic that allows players to influence and invest in the unpredictable nature of rewards in Wanderers.

Before a run, a player builds a Cache of RAM upgrades they’d like to encounter on that run. These upgrades can range from character skills to weapon mods. However, creating the Cache does not instantly activate those abilities. Instead, the player must reach Terminal checkpoints to activate their RAM. Activated RAM is loaded into the player’s Drive and can now be used for the duration of the run. Upon the player’s inevitable death, the Drive is deleted, RAM returns to their Storage, and the player respawns at the homebase.

RAM packs are tradable digital items that can be redeemed for in-game for RAM upgrades.

In-game, RAM are computer chips that can be inserted into a port on the back of a person’s head. Each chip contains a memory from another person, and while inserted into you, you gain some of that person’s skill.

For example: If you insert a RAM chip with the memories of a boxer into your head, you now know how to box until the RAM chip is removed (on your inevitable death).

Players craft a deck of RAM of various rarities and influences, which forms the pool of potential options and rewards they can receive throughout their gaming adventure.

The RAM cards represent potential rewards that players can obtain from various in-game sources, such as Terminals or by defeating bosses.

RAM Mint Tiers

There are initially 2,222 RAM Bundles available on December 5, 2023. Each bundle contains an Early Access code and 3 packs of RAM. Each RAM pack can be burned and redeemed in-game for 3+ RAM cards.

The upcoming RAM mint is divided into 3 tiers:

Tier 1 — VIP

This phase is a guaranteed mint window (1x RAM per) for the top ACTIVE✓ profiles.

ACTIVE✓ = signed into the Codex within the last 30 days and marked by a green checkmark.

*The amount of profiles eligible in this phase is dynamic and will scale by the demand of ACTIVE✓ profiles to ensure the amount of loyal holders who can VIP mint is fair.

Click here to learn more about Codex Profiles.

Tier 2 — Wanderlist

This phase is first come first serve for anyone with at least 300XP.

The more XP you have, the more RAM you can mint (up to 8).

You can earn XP from collecting items and unlocking achievements.

Note: holding a Wanderer grants 300XP.

Tier 3 — Public

Any remaining RAM at this phase is first come first serve for the public.



Run: The procedurally generated gameplay which exists between homebase and death.
Random Access Memories. Temporary buffs and abilities that deactivate upon death.
Storage: A player’s entire RAM inventory, accessed at home base.
Cache: Selected RAM that can be encountered on the next run.
Drive: Acquired RAM that is now active in the current run.
Terminal: Checkpoints where the player can add RAM to their drive.

How much RAM I can have?

There is no maximum limit for your Storage. A player Cache can hold up to 20 RAMs (per run). You may stack copies of a single RAM in your Cache to increase it’s appearance rate.

Is there a benefit of having RAM copies?

You may stack copies of a single RAM in your Cache. Each copy increases your odds to encounter. This control balances the unpredictability inherent in the genre, giving players a more profound sense of agency and strategy.

In the future, RAM Forging will add an entirely new depth and mechanic to RAM collecting.

What are the types of RAM?

Players can get RAM to upgrade character skills, abilities, and weapons. Each enemy planet has it’s own specific RAM as well which gets combined against yours during a run. The combination of these pools of RAM adds a lot of depth and variation to play styles.

What type of RAM is best?

While RAM differs in rarity and output, each RAM is has its own unique advantages.

How do I access RAM?

During gameplay, players can use Terminals to access RAMs. A Terminal will present several random RAM from the player’s Cache as potential acquisition choices. RAM rewards can also be earned by vanquishing game bosses.

Is there different RAM rarity?

RAMs vary in rarity, affecting their potency and the chance of drawing them. This ensures that players may stumble upon powerful RAMs even early in a run, further embracing the element of unpredictability.

Do I need RAM in order to play?

Wanderers is free-to-play, with optional in-app purchases. Every planet possesses its unique set of RAMs. When players interact with a terminal, these planet-specific RAMs are shuffled with the player’s Cache, determining the available card pool. In other words, you can play without owning any RAM, but your influence will be more limited.

Is Wanderers pay-to-win?

No. The core tenets of Wanderers is fun and accessibility. In-app purchases will grant players deeper customization but not block the core gameplay.

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