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It’s not a normal Monday. You might think it is, but I’m sorry, you’re wrong.

There’s something exciting happening in the Wanderverse. Your own personal HUBS are hurtling through space en route to collect you. Don’t panic. We repeat, do not panic.

You have 24 hours until a Snapshot is taken of holders of all Wanderverse assets. Snapshot is at 5pm ET, March 14th 2023.

Then your HUBS will be ready.

While we understand that your hype-levels might be dangerously high right now — wait, you don’t know what HUBS are? Nobody briefed you? Ok, let us explain.

What are HUBS?

HUBS are customizable luxury transport modules created with the talented space engineers at OnCyber. In essence, it is a vessel that you own and can walk about inside of. It can be personalized by, for example, displaying your most fire digital assets on the walls.

What does HUBS stand for?

We believe it stands for quality, comfort, and for a personalized intergalactic experience. Perhaps even a nice snack of space peanuts. But more literally, it is Habitable Universal Breachers.

What do they cost?

Every wallet holding at least one Wanderer is entitled to claim one WanderHubs. You must be holding a Wanderer to claim.

For every 3 additional Wanderers held, the wallet is entitled to claim an additional WanderHubs.

For every 5 additional assets (hereby defined as Wandernauts & Planet Pass), the wallet is entitled to claim an additional WanderHubs (must be holding at least one Wanderers).

Use our tool to see how many you have eligible to claim: https://www.wanderers.ai/hubs

Why do I want multiple HUBS?

More HUBS, more portals! With multiple HUBS, you can connect them via portals to create one seamless experience for you and your visitors. Using multiple HUBS you can create an extended ship with multiple rooms.


Claim begins Friday 3/17/2023, 12pm ET.
Claim ends after 2 weeks (3/31/023), 12pm ET

What are the drawbacks to owning HUBS?

Dangerously high risk of a hype-attack.

Official links:

[Mint link will be added here on Friday]
All links: https://linktr.ee/thewanderverse_



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