Adam Jones and Hyun-soo Kim (Photo: Keith Allison/Flickr)

Adam Jones misses Hyun-soo Kim

A trip to a Korean barbecue restaurant in Chicago made the center fielder think of his old teammate.

It has to be tough for professional athletes to stay close with friends they have made over their careers. Players move from team to team, coast to coast, and in Hyun-soo Kim’s case, country to country.

Kim was an Oriole for all of 2016 and most of 2017, before being traded to the Philadelphia Phillies at the non-waiver deadline. One of his more memorable moments came right at the start of his time with the Birds.

During spring training, Adam Jones helped to deliver a traditional Korean dish to Kim and his translator.

In case you don’t follow Jones on social media, he is a big fan of his food. Not gonna lie, I think about food about 70 percent of the day myself, so I can’t blame him.

While on a road trip in Chicago with the Orioles, Jones posted a video to his story of him and a couple pals at a Korean BBQ joint. It made him understandably emotional.

I feel ya, Jonesy. I miss that sweet-swinging guy too. Come back, Hyun-soo! Please!